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2006 & 2007 & 2008 Macmillan 4x4 Challenge

The Macmillan 4x4 Challenge is a long distance off road event covering up to 1,000 miles with green lane, night navigation and trial sections.

The event is in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Full details of the Mac4x4 Challenge can be found by visiting the official Mac4x4 website.

The Team


 Carl Liversage

I am 40+ years old and from Moreton, Merseyside. I have also lived in France and Germany for over 20 years. I am currently living in Horndean, Hampshire with my wife Laurence and our 2 sons. Apart from 4x4's I am also interested in computing, hiking, music and films.



Driver /Navigator:

 Nick Gage I am 40 something years old and from London originally. I now live in Surrey with my wife Sarah and daughter Bethany. Apart from off-roading in my modded SWB Pajero, I also love gadgets, travel and movies.


 Laurence Liversage

I am 40+ years old, I am from Brittany, France and have also lived in Germany, I am currently living in Horndean, Hampshire. Apart from off roading I am also interested in bird keeping, hiking, good cuisine, reading and some extreme sports.



In 2006 we raised just over 2500 and came joint 2nd in the night navigation

In 2007 we raised just over 3000

In 2008 we raised just over 7500 thanks to your support! That's a total of over 13,000 raised for Macmillan!

A full write up can be downloaded here.




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