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How it all started
  •  Here's where it all really started... we went to Cyprus in May of 2003 on a very special family holiday. Amongst many other things we hired a Pajero and discovered some of the off beaten tracks of Cyprus. Discovering the Troodos mountains, Coral Bay and the track to the Baths of Aphrodite along the Akamas track in a 4x4 was most definitely the way to discover the country's outstanding natural beauty. Beware though - the 'minor road' was clearly marked on the map but was barely wide enough for a mountain bike in places not to mention the boulders that were scattered along it.

  • A few months later we just had to buy a 4x4 so out with the family MPV and in with the Paj! (or LePaj) We have never looked back since.Little Brov Steve with our son Glenn - Cyprus
  •  It may be tough at first but since we all love what we do, we learned how to appreciate each step forward we made. We cherished every memory - from the first 4x4 we got, to the modifications we made, all the way down to the small things such as planned car insurance plan acquisitions, road trips, etc. Now, looking at where we are, we can safely say that the future definitely looks bright. Keep on checking out the rest of the site for more info!
  • Once purchased there were a few 'must have' accessories that were gradually added... see the modifications page for further details!

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